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Welcome to Through MI Lens, your gateway to a world of captivating imagery. Explore our curated collection of travel and landscape photography prints, bringing the beauty of global destinations to your doorstep. From mesmerizing engagement moments to heartwarming pet portraits and soulful solo sessions, our online gallery offers a diverse range of professional prints. Immerse yourself in the artistry of fine photography with our selection of high-quality prints, delivering a visual journey like no other. Through MI Lens, where every click is a work of art, and every print tells a unique story. Start your exploration today with our exclusive online photography gallery.

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Discover professional photography prints in our online store, transforming your spaces with captivating travel scenes and timeless landscapes.
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Immerse yourself in captivating travel prints and timeless landscapes meticulously captured by the owner and main photographer, Emily. Elevate your surroundings with these exquisite, professionally crafted prints that bring the world's wonders directly to your space. Each piece tells a unique story, making these featured prints more than mere decorations—they are windows to extraordinary moments frozen in time.

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Engagement Photography Sessions

Immerse in the magic of your love story with our specialized Engagement Photography Sessions. Our skilled photographers expertly capture the emotional bonds and unique moments, ensuring your engagement is immortalized in timeless images that narrate your extraordinary journey together.

Pet Photography Sessions

Bring your furry friends into the spotlight with our Pet Photography Sessions. Our expert photographers specialize in capturing the charm and personality of your pets, creating lasting memories filled with joy, playfulness, and the unique essence of your beloved companions.


Meet the Photographer

Hello! I’m Emily, the face behind the lens, and I'm truly grateful for your visit and support. A bit about me - I hail from Howell, Michigan, where the enchanting landscapes and vibrant culture fueled my passion for photography. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of Michigan, with its lakeshores and picturesque destinations, laid the foundation for my love affair with capturing moments. From camping trips to beach weekends, my childhood memories are woven with the threads of nature and exploration.

While my heart will always belong to Michigan, life took an exciting turn when my husband, Andy, and our beloved fur-son, Otto, the German Shepherd, embarked on a new adventure in Europe, specifically Croatia. Armed with my trusty Nikon Z6 camera and the perspective-expanding DJI Air 2S drone, I now capture the ancient beauty of Europe's landscapes on a daily basis. My photography journey started with a Nikon D3400, which I still keep as a backup. While my true love lies in travel-related landscape and macro photography, I find immense joy in freezing magical moments through engagement and pet photography sessions. Join me on this visual odyssey as I continue to share the wonders I encounter on this European escapade and beyond.

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Ready to transform precious moments into lasting memories? Reach out now to schedule your personalized photography session, request a bespoke custom print, or explore more about our services. Through MI Lens is here to turn your vision into captivating visual stories, offering expertise in engagement sessions, pet photography, and stunning landscape prints. Let's embark on this creative journey together, capturing and preserving your unique moments with unmatched expertise and attention to detail.
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